Who is God?

While the Bible teaches man was created in the image of God, it seems that man has tried to create God in his image. So who is right? Who decides who God really is? Is it a family heritage issue, or the culture one was born into, or is it a personal decision that one makes? What we want to accomplish in this series is to challenge our preconceived ideas of God and discover what we really believe. Remember, just knowing who God is theologically is not sufficient. Who we believe God to be will determine how we live our lives and where we will spend eternity.

Who is God? Week 1
March 6, 2016,   Carl Friedrich


Who is God? Week 2
March 13, 2016,  Mike Mastin


Who is God? Week 3
March 20, 2016,  Carl Friedrich


Who is God? Week 4
March 27, 2016,  Adam Friedrich