• Full Circle Plug In, Charge Up, and Activate

    Once you have made a decision to live for Christ it is important to take the steps necessary to grow in your relationship with God by implementing a plan of action and devotion to the Lord. This will change the direction and purpose of your life, and can only be accomplished by becoming involved in ‘His church’. You can go Full Circle at PCOC by: GETTING PLUGGED IN with other believers, GETTING CHARGED UP in our walk with God through our weekly services, and ACTIVATING your new life through serving and giving to God. 

  • 180 Degree Journey from Inception to Active Involvement

    The mission of PCOC is to 'Win , Build, and Release'. We believe that every person who accepts God's free gift of salvation is a person that He can use for His glory. At PCOC, we intentionally work to make sure every believer understands the basic foundational priciples of salvation, that each is being built up into a disciple of Jesus, and that each person has an opportunity to serve and enjoy the mandate that Christ has placed upon all of us--to be ministers of reconciliation. The 180 Course is a 4 week journey focused to help you discover the 'New Heart' that God has given every believer, the 'New Mind' that is required to enable us to live like Christ, and the 'New Family ' that God has given you to enjoy and experiance life with. This course will also assist you in discovering and identifying your Spiritual gifts, and available opportunities for you to begin to serve here at Praise Chapel. 

  • The Circle  Participating in the Mission and Vision of PCOC

    Upon completion of the 180 Course you will be invited into 'The Circle'. This  group is the volunteer, service, and ministry teams. There are many ways you can volunteer and get in ‘The Circle’ of involvement at PCOC.
    Here are just a few:

              Praise Chapel Kidz    Ÿ Worship   Ÿ    Ushers   Ÿ    Greeters    Ÿ    Grocery Assistance Community Outreach   Ÿ   
    Ÿ    Student Ministries   Ÿ    Parking   Ÿ     Media            Mentoring  

    Wherever you are in your walk with God, we encourage you to represent Christ and make a difference in someone else’s life. Join a ministry. You’ll soon discover that in the process of serving others at PCOC, your life will be forever changed.