Semicolon; God's Not Done.

A semicolon is used when the author could have ended the story, but instad chose to continue it. It is used to separate two main clauses. What God has done in our lives, ministry, and fellowship is worth celebrating--but God's Not Done. There is another main clause to be written, another story to be told, you are important in God's Plan!

Semicolon Week One
May 4, Pastor Carl


Semicolon Week Two
May 11, Carrie Friedrich


Semicolon Week Three
May 18, Darren Billings


Semicolon Week Four
May 25, Eric Daafor


Semicolon Week Five
June 1,  Adam Friedrich


Semicolon Week Six
June 15,  Carl Friedrich


Semicolon Week Seven
June 22,  Adam Friedrich


Semicolon Week Eight
June 29,  Ted Ryback