History   |    Vision   |   Mission

History: PCOC traces its inception to 1985 when Carl and Bonnie Friedrich along with their 10 year old son Adam, left their home and business in Arizona to pioneer a new church. We opened in a small storefront building in the city of Buena Park with no members other than our immediate family. Our fledgling ministry reached out to the broken and underserved of the community and quickly grew into a viable church that has become a dynamic center of Christian influence in the community. From these humble beginnings, our church has experienced a breath of heaven upon its efforts, and one visit is all it will take for you to see for yourselves what is possible when God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary exploits for His Name. 

PCOC believes God’s Word, which declares that once a person surrenders their life to Christ a brand new life begins. The founding vision is to win one person for Christ and through personal relationship develop them into followers of Jesus, so that they would reach others for the Kingdom of God. We firmly believe that every believer is important in the God’s plan of redemption.
                                                                                                        Win   |    Build   |   Release 

 We are on mission at PCOC to change the world one person at a time. Jesus cared deeply for the individual, the One. With this mission being entrusted to us we have come to the realization that only though a multiplication of effort can our world be won for the King. One pastor, regardless of ability, or one church, no matter the size it is able to attain it is adequate to meet the needs of our world. We seek to tap the potential inside everyone who attends our church, to help them find their place in the Master’s plan. Together we can accomplish what we could never do alone. You are Important in God's Plan!!